Using Tablet Mounts for Animation

tablet mounts for cintiq

Drawing something can take very long time, hours, or even days. Animating something can last for several months, even years. That’s why it’s crucial that you feel as comfortable as possible while you work. Drawing tablets, even though they are the one and only option for pro animators, have a huge flaw. Drawing for hours can be extremely tiring and having to adapt to the shape of the tablet can be bad for your body. Mounts and arms to which you can attach your drawing tablet make the process much simpler.

Most important features of tablet mounts are stability, rotation and tilt span and the weight it can carry without moving.

Tablet mounts enable you to move the tablet in all directions and rotate it, set it in the position that suits your style best. As most professionals use Cintiqs, the tablet mount mentioned below is chosen because it works perfectly with Wacom Cintiq (13″, 16″, 22″ and 27″), and you should make sure it is compatible with other models too (even though it almost certainly must be). What’s important when buying a tablet mount is the flexibility it can provide and the weight it can carry without moving, tilting or bending. If the mount is too fragile or lightweight, it won’t be able to carry the weight of the tablet. Secondly, you want to be able to rotate the screen for 360°, move it back and forth (and have a long extension span), left and right. Another benefit is the space it frees up. Tablets take up a lot of space on a desk (3/4?), and having the whole surface for sketching or something else is great.


Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

Ergotron LX is compatible with Wacom Cintiq Pro 13, Pro 16, 27 QHD Touch, 22HD Touch, 13HD and most other brands.

This is the perfect tablet mount for animation tablets. It can extend up to 25″ (64cm) and it rotates for 360° (and the screen can be tilted for 75°). The extension is a big advantage it has over Wacom’s stands, since you can push the screen away and free up the surface when you’re not working. It is easily adjustable, and, what’s most important, it stays in place! It’s sturdy (it has an aluminum construction) and it doesn’t tilt even if you aren’t the gentlest of animators.

It can support up to 25 pounds (11kg) in weight (and Cintiq 27″, which is by far the largest and heaviest tablet weighs 19.7 lbs) so it should be able to carry any tablet. It supports screen sizes of up to 34″, so you might even fit a smaller TV in there. The base is stable as well, and the cables can be put out of sight because of the cable management feature it has. When it comes to tablet mounts, Ergotron LX is a very elegant solution for animators. It reduces back, neck and eye strain considerably. On the downside, it costs around $130, but what you get for the money is well worth it. For more information, customer reviews and prices click here.