Pixar and Khan Academy have created “Pixar in a Box”

khan academy pixar storytelling

Pixar’s new project is an online course on the art of storytelling. Among other amazing online courses offered at Khan Academy, that cover a broad horizon of areas of expertise, there is a new lesson series called Pixar in a Box. It’s  a result of cooperation of Pixar’s great creators such as Inside Out and Up director Pete Docter, Brave director Mark Andrews, Inside Out story artist Domee Shi, and Ratatouille animator Sanjay Patel, and Khan Academy.

“We are all Storytellers”

The lessons will cover all areas of storytelling, from top to bottom, and they will also include the personal experiences of Pixar’s directors and artists involved in the project. The first lesson called “We are all storytellers” is available now, and more are soon to come (the second will be called “Character”). Lesson one consists of several chapters, such as: Introduction, World and Character, Storytelling advice, various activities etc. The lesson is available at Khan Academy.

Pixar Storytelling: Rules for Effective Storytelling Based on Pixar’s Greatest Films

Pixar has cooperated with Khan Academy in the past as well, but this is the first course to offer non technical animation knowledge. When it comes to one of a kind animation, Pixar is the first name that most people think of, and even before the era of their partnership with Disney, they’ve been one of the industries’ most unique studios. Their stories and characters often differ from the usual “fairytaley” childish movies which makes this course all the more valuable. Enjoy learning from the masters of storytelling!


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