Valentine Cuny-Le Callet

The third winner of featured sundays contest for artists on Animataurus is Valentine Cuny-Le Callet, and amazing young illustrator. Here is some of her work and a brief introduction she wrote herself.
“I’m 20 years old, in third year in the school ENSAD in Paris. I’ve always known I wanted to work as an illustrator, but still I did a literary section in high school, as I believe words as are important as the images.
I often base my images on texts, mine or other people’s, and even if there is no text involved, I mean my pictures to tell a story.

I witnessed that the world of children stories/ children animation is often wrongly despised as something “easier”, less “intellectual”. On the contrary, I believe that one of the most important cultural challenges is to make ideas accessible for anyone, including children but not only. The work to make things simple and understandable does not mean to turn them simplistic.
This is the challenge in my work, and I know there is still lot to work on, but I hope I will have the opportunity to illustrate and then publish texts from Antiquity, poetry, theatre…

The first illustration I joined is from a tale I wrote called “Sang d’Encre”, the story of a little girl born from paper white parents, in a paper white city… but who happens to be making black ink stains wherever she goes and whatever she does.

The second illustration is made out of layers of hand cut paper, held vertically to create background and foreground and photographed. It’s part of a series of five landscapes using the same technique. This one is called “The big dive of Mister Jackrabbit”.”

“The big dive of Mister Jackrabbit”

"Sang d'Encre"

“Sang d’Encre”

"The big dive of Mister Jackrabbit"


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2 thoughts on “Featured Sundays January 8th (Valentine Cuny-Le Callet)”

  1. Children stories are the best. I like your illustrations, and could easily see them animated. And hand cut paper layers are really old school. Good work. Don’t give up on becoming an illustrator just yet 😉

    1. Thanks for your comment P.Min !
      Some of my friends also told me they see my illustrations as animations, especially the paper illustrations. I take that as a great compliment 🙂
      Sadly, I didn’t learn the techniques of animation, but I would really like to create projects with friends in the animating section of my school. And oh no, I don’t intend to give up, not yet 😉

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