Toshitaka Youno

First Featured Sundays contest on Animataurus has it’s winner. It’s Toshitaka Youno, a Japanese musician, singer and songwriter, who’d recently decided to create animations for his music videos. The videos are amazingly engaging, and they remind me of Monty Python’s animations (and you couldn’t get a much bigger compliment from me). The fact that all the work put into this was done by one person is extraordinary. Congratulations!

You can find out more about Toshitaka Youno at


“You can push to”

“Office Worker”


Animataurus is running a weekly contest for animators, artists, designers and illustrators. Each Sunday one author will be featured and his work will be presented on our blog. You can apply by sending brief bio and two selected pieces (videos, illustrations, paintings etc.) to (subject-contest). 

All authors will be given a link to their websites/blogs/social media.

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