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“My name is Margaret Spencer; I’m a second year animation student at the University of Southern California. I really love storyboarding for animation, and well as character design (mostly for fun but every now and again for a game design gig).

I grew up in North Carolina watching Disney movies like every other little girl my age; it wasn’t until a few years later that I learned that women in Disney’s studios like Mary Blair (concept art) and Retta Scott (Disney’s first female animator) were exceptions to a generally anti-female rule. Today, I look to my Disney/Pixar role models: Brenda Chapman and Brittney Lee to name a couple to remind me that women are just as capable of creating great art as men are. I’m inspired to vie for a spot in the world of feature animation as woman who wants to inspire little boys and girls just as I was when I was young.
Here are a couple of my character designs for my own story that I’m working on called: Medieval RA! (I’m currently an RA in the freshman “party dorm” here at USC)”
Featured Sundays Margaret Spencer
Featured Sundays Margaret Spencer
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