Ekaterina Vakulenko

This weeks winner is Ekaterina Vakulenko, a talented illustration student and aspiring animator from Russia. Congratulations!

“Having only discovered animation’s full potential during my second year of studies at BA Illustration, I have been using every opportunity to try int out. My approach to learning animation is very intuitive, it relies on trial and error as much as on observation and secondary research.
My goal is to develop myself as a, so to say, gif illustrator. I am also really interested in creating animated music videos in the future!
I do want to put more meaning to an image by bringing it life. For me, there is no fun in making things move around just because someone thought that would look cool!”



featured sundays on animataurus

featured sundays on animataurus ekaterina vakulenko


You can apply to the Featured Sundays contest for artist by sending a brief bio and two pieces to Each Sunday we will pick one winner who’s work will be featured on our blog! There is no prizes. Yet:)

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