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This week we are featuring Georgina Ridler, an amazing illustrator with love for all things natural.

‘I am Georgina Ridler, a freelance surface pattern designer/illustrator living in the Forest of Dean, UK. I get my inspiration from where I live and my interests. I love nature, seasons, flowers and animals which is why my work is all about these things! My style has developed over the years from crosshatching into more of a decorative style which is more suited for the audience I’m hoping to intrigue.
I like to think that my work makes people happy and brings a positive vibe.’





Playful Otter

georgina ridler featured sundays

Autumn Forest Pattern

georgina ridler featured sundays

Night Owl

georgina ridler featured sundays

Featured Sundays on Animataurus is a contest for artists in all visual arts. We welcome illustrators, animators, manga, anime, comic artits, 3d modelers, fashion designers and all others to apply. Each sunday we feature one artist on our blog and his/hers work gets published here. There is no prizes (yet:), but it might be a good opportunity for free promotion. You can apply by sending at least two pieces and a short biography to animataurus.info@gmail.com.

Flower Power Pattern

georgina ridler featured sundays


Find Out Which Are The Best Drawing Pencils for Artists

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We have assembled a list of best drawing pencils for different drawing needs and techniques (sketching, shading, technical drawing etc.). A buyer’s guide through prices, pros and cons and best manufacturers, which should make the decision of choosing between hundreds of different pencil companies a lot easier (even for a complete beginner).

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