Winner of the 5th Week is Anna Taberko

It’s getting really hard to choose one winner each week as the weeks go by and more talented people apply for every Featured Sundays. This week we’ve chosen an animator with a unique bright, cheerful style. Her name is Anna Taberko and here is her short introduction.

“I’ve been inspired by animation throughout my childhood, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I first gave animation a try. I love animation because I love moving things. To this day, I feel a special excitement whenever I see my drawings come to life!

Instead of meticulous planning, I let my intuition guide me to the final look and “feel” of an animation. I tend to work with organic forms because they easily lend themselves to abstraction – which compliments my workflow.

My current body of work depicts various loops of flowers and other plant-life. It began as an experiment with zoetrope/phenakistoscope animation, but has since evolved into my personal style of self-sustaining loops.”


featured sundays contest for artists animataurus


featured sundays contest for artists animataurus


featured sundays contest for artists animataurus


Featured Sundays is a contest for artists using any visual art form. It’s meant to be a promotional opportunity for young, aspiring animators, illustrators, designers and artists. Each week we will choose one winner who’s work will be published on our blog. All winners will also be given links to their personal websites, blogs, or social meda sites. Feel free to apply by sending two pieces and a short biography to

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