Drawing tables are essential equipment for those who draw profesionally

Studio Designs produces some of the highest quality drawing tables for artists.

Every animator, illustrator and designer knows just how important it is to have a good workstation. Whether it’s a desk to place your Cintiq on while working, an adjustable arm for tablets and monitors, or a drawing table which can adjust optimally and give you as much comfort as possible during endless working hours. Animation and drawing takes time, so having reliable equipment is a must.

Here is a list of three professional affordable drawing tables which will ease the process significantly and allow you to adjust your working space according to your own personal needs and preferences.

They are perfect for any type of drawing by hand, completely adjustable and they can be used as light tables for drafting or traditional animation as well.

Studio Designs 10050 Futura Craft Station

This is the drawing table. The main drawing surface is glass, so it can be used as a light table as well. It’s 38” x 24”, and highly adjustable at an angle of up to 35 degrees. It comes with removable drawers and side trays and a drawing board which can be drawn out and used as a supplementary surface should you need one. It’s made from high quality, powder-coated steel which makes this table completely immovable if you decide it to be. It comes with its own assembling tools and it’s easy to assemble as well. Definitely one of the best solutions for anyone who draws professionally. For more pictures, reviews and prices click here.

Tangkula Drafting Table

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The Tangkula drawing table is a bit less utilitarian than the Studio Designs Futura, since it doesn’t come with storage space, but it more than compensates in design. The drawing surface is just as adjustable and spacious which fulfills its basic purpose, and the lack of drawers and storage could always be compensated for DIY. The design is astonishing and it’s built from high quality steel and wood. For more pictures of the Tangkula Drafting Table, reviews and prices click here.

Selection Drawing & Sketching Board

This is the most affordable option for beginners and those who can’t spend $100 on a drawing table. It serves the most important purpose of the professional desks mentioned above which is an adjustable drawing board. It can be placed on any table and ease the process significantly. It’s 16.55″ x 23.25″ which makes it large enough for all needs and techniques. Consider this as a starting option which can be utilized perfectly using what you already have in your workspace. For more pictures information, reviews and prices click here.

Choosing the best drawing table

There isn’t one best table for everyone, and deciding which one to go for will depend on what you’ll be using it for. How big should the drawing surface be? Will you be using it as a light table? Will you want to move it often?

These are just some of the questions which need to be taken into consideration. Generally, though, what you want to look for is sturdy design, high adjustability and good looks. If the drawing table is tilting all the time and if the material it’s made of is low quality then the work will be the same. Make sure you choose a desk which can sustain hand movement and constant adjusting, and that it’s made from a long lasting material which can take a few punches.

Secondly, choose a drawing desk which can be adjusted according to your style and needs. You want the drawing surface to be highly mobile but only when you wish it to be. Make sure that it doesn’t tilt and that it stays in one place no matter how aggressively you move when drawing.

Lastly, the design. The purpose of getting a professional drawing table is to improve your drawing experience and to increase your creative output. Choose one that fits your working environment in design, and make sure that you find it pretty and inspiring.

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